Well-known search engine Google has made significant changes in its algorithm. Recently, Google CEO Sundar Pichai made an announcement at the company’s annual developer conference. He stated, “Going forward, Google Search would provide its own AI-generated answers to many of your questions, a feature called “AI Overviews” that’s already rolled out to users in the United States.” Search online for an SEO agency in India to understand the recent Google updates and how to upgrade your website to rank high on search results.

In contrast to what critics say, Google says that its new AI Overview features might solve most of the issues related to searching the web. Google’s algorithm updates use AI to transform its “search engine into a search and answer engine,” which can adversely affect the search rankings of other popular websites.

According to Google, search engine optimization (SEO) experts sometimes create content that matches Google’s algorithms but is of little or no use to the human beings reading it. These websites rank high on search engines but include useless information with lots of ads and retailers’ links that, in turn, would share their profits with publishers.

Google is in what seems like a war with spammy search results. The company issued a “Helpful Content Update” to its algorithm in 2022 to eliminate all the content created to obtain a higher ranking on search results. It updated the algorithm in September 2023 and later in March 2024.

The results, as per the company, are “45% less low-quality, unoriginal content in search results.”.

A Google spokesperson said, “Our recent updates aim to connect people with content that is helpful, satisfying, and original from a diverse range of sites across the web. As we work to improve search, we’re continuing to focus on sending valuable traffic to sites and supporting a healthy, open web.”

However, the updates had adversely affected many reputed websites, along with lower-quality websites. As per the data published on the BBC website, popular analytics tool Semrush suggested that the New York Magazine website saw a 32% decline in its Google Search traffic in the last six months. The English language slang crowdsourced dictionary Urban Dictionary saw a drop of 18 million page views. OprahDaily.com was down by approximately 58%.

On the contrary, as per Semrush, the popular site Reddit saw a traffic increase of 126% compared to Google Search. Lily Ray, vice president of SEO strategy and research at the marketing agency Amsive and a well-known name in the search engine optimization industry said, “The increase in traffic Reddit is seeing is unprecedented on the Internet. Cooking content, adult content, video games, gardening, fashion, everything is all just Reddit.” 

Semrush also states that user-generated websites like Quora and Instagram saw similar growth in their website traffic. The past few years saw that internet-using experts added the word “Reddit” to the end of their web searches, hoping to find authentic information online. 

A Google spokesperson said, “We’ve found that people often want to learn from others’ experiences, and so we surface content from hundreds of forums and other communities across the web. Our agreement with Reddit absolutely did not include ranking its content higher on search.”

Google has to reduce the traffic from one site to increase another site’s traffic. Many website owners informed the BBC news that Google search results have moved from small business websites to established brand websites, regardless of their published content quality. 

Lily Ray said, “Google’s just committing war on publisher websites. It’s almost as if Google designed an algorithm update to specifically go after small bloggers. I’ve talked to so many people who’ve just had everything wiped out.” 

The editor-in-chief of UK entertainment news site Ready Steady Cut said, “After Google’s September update, our traffic halved immediately, and it’s only gotten worse. We’ve just been blitzed by the Reddit stuff in particular, but we’re also being replaced by spam websites that are stealing our content. It makes no sense.” Hart said that as the news company lost its income, it was forced to fire its team of 20 writers and editors, keeping four on the job.

As per a Google spokesperson, the company’s recent updates have eliminated spammy and inauthentic content to a large extent. Moreover, Google carefully monitors all abusive practices that lead to low-quality content in its search results.

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