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Email marketing could be your best armament. It’s high ROI leaves behind different marketing touch points, and grows your revenue with engaging and targeted emails to get the customer base to click, open, and buy.

3.9 billion Average people worldwide use email daily for communication, and no other platform even comes close to having this number of daily active profiles. Are you the one leveraging the potential of email marketing in business techniques?

Never miss the opportunity to connect the brand with the right customers at the moment and enhance the sale. With eDrone Email marketing services lets us set up an email campaign which fits the business purpose perfectly.

Build a community around the brand

Why Email Marketing Agency?

Email marketing is one of the digital marketing techniques used by different businesses globally to develop brand awareness, drive sales, and build client relationships. When it comes to converting and generating leads, there is no more powerful digital marketing technique than email marketing. Globally, 87% of B2B marketers and 75% of B2C advertisers use email as a content distribution channel. If you are not taking complete advantage of email marketing agency to promote and build your brand again contact eDrone today.

Researches show that despite the growth and prominence of mobile messengers, 60% of consumers are looking for the brand interactive emails- and of course, this preference varies as per the age group and gender. The widespread usage and increasing global relevance of email make email marketing agency essential as earlier.

Improve your response rate & establish your reputation

Email Marketing Service Providers for Small Businesses

Deciding where to invest the money is not an easy task. One must ensure every penny spent on marketing efforts delivers an ROI. Email marketing for small businesses is a cost-effective method compared to Social Media Marketing to promote the brand to certain market areas and generate revenue. By taking data-specific email marketing service providers for small businesses, you may:

Build Credibility

Increase website traffic

Communicate The In-Depth Information

Reach Customers In

Track The Campaign Results

Launch Targeted Messaging

Importance of Email Marketing Services

The importance of email marketing on internet branding success could be emphasized enough. Online email marketing is the best mode of earning business leads and giving a higher return on investment.

Various marketers wonder why email marketing is necessary in the generation of social media platforms readily available and social media visitors are growing rapidly over time. But one thing is which needs to be remembered: people are still going through emails to get special discounts from their favorite brands. Interestingly, 45% of users check emails for brand promotions, whereas only 4% scroll social media for ad campaign details.

As per research, 61% of email subscribers love to get promotional emails weekly and around 80% of viewers spend more on brands by which they have received email marketing communications.

Why Choose us?

If you are still struggling whether you need or not contact us. Here are five reasons to invest in email marketing services is necessary:

Our email campaigns are proven to have a better potential for engaging than traditional marketing modes. Statistics say 70% of email users check their inboxes six to seven times a day and around 90% of internet users have a minimum of one email account. We have specialists who could help you to reach the target audiences on any device while staying non-invasive.

Strong client terms need regular interactions- and routine web email marketing communications with the customer which make it possible for the company to get brand loyalty while running sales. The cost of engaging and marketing with the existing customer using our services is less expensive than other marketing tactics like Social Media Marketing, Google ads, SMO, PPC marketing, etc.

Personalized notes are one of the benefits of using B2C and B2B email marketing to approach the audience. While traditional marketing methods focus on delivering a broad message to larger audience bandwidth, marketing emails allow you to offer codes and unique discounts, personalized messages and campaigns based on criteria like birthdays, anniversaries, and customer lifetime value. Instead of putting the efforts into one campaign, you can reach out to a variety of audience segments with a personal note. 

Data & analytics given by email marketing software provide valuable insight into the performance of the targeted email marketing efforts. The most prominent reported engagement metrics are click rates, open rates, CTRs, conversions and bounces. Depending on the marketing goals, an experienced email marketing head could decode the numerical and translate them to valuable applications to get a better audience. 

Email marketing for small business, multi-location firms, and franchises are significantly less intensive than traditional marketing. Targeted email marketing allows everyone to communicate and engage the ideal market segments in a few minutes.

Related Questions

Most frequent questions

This is a kind of direct marketing using emails to promote the business’s services or products. It may help make the customers aware of the latest items or seasonal offers. It could act as a pivotal role in telling your customers about the brand or engaging them with new products or services. Email marketing services are affordable and easier to carry forward.

Some different kinds of email marketing one may go for:

  • Email newsletter: daily subscription which may be helpful to deliver knowledge and tools. It adds the required value to the subscriber’s inbox.
  • Transaction email: one of the least famous but effective forms of email marketing is transactional emails to facilitate an expected transaction between a recipient and a sender.
  • Promotional emails: these are common while driving some sale information, signups and launching of new products.
  • Retention emails: these are targeted or triggered messages sent to previous customers to increase loyalty, engagement or satisfaction.

Email marketing service providers say a good email design is not meant by its visual appeal but it is also to develop strong relationships with your customers or viewers, sell more products, or improve overall ROI. Some of the basic steps one needs to follow are:

  • Grab an attractive subject line.
  • Featuring offers in the header.
  • Adding a punch through pre-header text.
Crafting the subject line and sending the email campaign at the most optimal time to write an effective pre-header, we would cover every tactic which will guarantee the emails would get open frequently. Our best email marketers run effective email marketing campaigns which learn how to increase email opening rates.
As an email marketing agency, we suggest a good approach is to send 2 emails in a month or then up to weekly. If you are good content, or changing offers, then make it thrice a week. Increasing the frequency may increase engagement with the subscribers, help in more conversions and increase revenue.

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