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Increase your online bandwidth and drive targeted traffic to the website with our PPC strategies. Our data-generated approach and proven techniques ensure high conversation and a solid ROI. Take your business to the heights with result-driven PPC marketing management services.

Leverage Lead Generation With Our Best PPC Services In India

For anyone looking to improve digital marketing results, scale the business, or just tired of seeing the competitors at the top of Google results when searching for any company’s services or products, PPC advertising services in India come as a savior.

When managed by experts PPC services in India could deliver immediate results in marketing and advertising. A well-managed campaign could drive up to 42% of the overall website traffic. Being a cost-effective solution it never compromises on its ROI and secures the top ranking on search engines.

With 50%, the possible conversion rate of PPC ads is on the top.

Google drives approximately 95% of ‘ad clicks’ on smartphones.

The top PPC ads get around 50% more clicks as compared to regular ads.

50% of people clicking on PPC ads connect with the company.

PPC in Digital Marketing: We Are Offering

PPC services are a way of online advertising where advertisers pay for each click to get the targeted audience to a specific website. PPC ads are visible on search engine results pages, different websites, or social media platforms. The company may target based on demographics, keywords, behavior data or psychographics.

Our PPC in digital marketing services in India encompass the entire spectrum of Pay Per Click advertising, from keyword research and campaign creation to ongoing optimization and monitoring. We have a team of experienced experts who leverage their knowledge and expertise to manage highly effective campaigns.

With the PPC management services, what our clients need to expect.

Campaign Planning

Our experts read history and future expectations thoroughly to identify the relevant keywords and create a campaign which maximizes the conversion and visibility potential.

Ad Optimization And Creation

Our experts craft compelling ad copy which resonate with the targeted audience, ensuring high click-through rates and increased conversions.

Bid Management

We carefully manage the bids to get a balance between maximizing the ad exposure and optimizing the cost-per-click (PPC) to drive a greater ROI.

Landing Page Optimization

We will optimize the landing pages to increase the user experience and encourage visitors to take the required action, resulting in better conversion rates.

Performance Reporting

We follow up on performance reports, allow everyone to monitor the progress of the running campaign and make data-driven decisions for future optimization.

Benefits of Taking Our PPC Services In India

PPC services we offer have numerous advantages for businesses that prefer to enhance their online presence and to get a targeted audience to the website. Being a trusted PPC service in India, we deliver comprehensive managing services which deliver tangible benefits to every client. Some of the key benefits of our PPC services in India.

Greater Online Visibility

Using our PPC services, your business could achieve immediate visibility over search engine result pages and online platforms. By targeting specific demographics and keywords, your ads could be visible to potential customers actively looking for services or products related to the business. 

Highly Achievable Traffic

Our PPC services enable precise targeting, ensuring that your ads will be shown to the right person. 

Cost-Efficient Advertising

PPC is a more cost-efficient and short-term method as one needs to pay if anyone clicks on the ad.

Immediate Results

Unlike organic Search Engine Optimization strategies which take time to showcase results, PPC services reflect immediate visible traffic. 

Transparent and Measurable

We provide detailed performance reporting and tracking of every campaign. 

Scalability and Flexibility

It’s easier to adjust and optimize the campaign on the basis of real-time data. 

How eDrone Help Businesses to Grow Big Using PPC in Digital Marketing?

eDrone is a premium PPC in a digital marketing company and suggests better solutions as the one yet essential digital marketing move to avail maximum brand exposure within the quickest possible timeline. We develop a ‘powerful punch’ when we increase the PPC services with exclusively customized campaigns. For the PPC budget which you set, we will prepare a campaign which could bump up the advertisement on several search engines which precisely cater to the customer base

Pay on clicks

Boost traffic

Greater leads

Increased sales

Reach the targeted audience with our

Effective PPC Management Services

An excellent way to get the leads with a paid ad campaign-

Help users discover by using the smart search ads management campaign and generate higher leads.

Social media ads are one the best ways to connect and serve users of different age groups using different social media platforms and features. It comes before Social Media Marketing as this show results faster.

This helps to connect with the end users or visitors who once visited your website again and again. It increases conversion.

eDrone helps to deliver results-oriented Google shopping or product listing ads for shopping ad campaigns.

Increase the call quantity, store visits and more about the business. 

Generate high-quality traffic from top-notch websites and increase user engagement rates to the website by using the display ads management tactics and techniques.

Related Questions

Most frequent questions

PPC or Pay-Per-Click is an online advertising method where companies run ads on any social platform such as Google Advertisements and pay a certain amount every time their ad is been clicked by someone. Advertiser gives a perceived click value regarding the platforms, keywords, and type of audience it brings. It saves a lot of money as the advertiser has to pay when the ad gets clicked only.

Some of the major types of PPC marketing are:

  • Paid search marketing: using Google and Bing Ads to show your ad to users who are searching for certain keywords.
  • Display advertising: display ads are images, banners, or text ads which appear on several websites, selected to target a particular audience.
  • Social media advertising: platforms like Facebook having a higher number of users could help to get potential customers.
  • Price comparison website advertising: it helps to showcase prices and special offers from different providers.
  • Retargeting PPC advertising: it uses cookies on a user’s browser to show them certain ads based on their search.
  • Affiliate marketing: creating PPC ads and placing them on search engines, sites, etc.
About 80% of people over the internet are likely to click on an ad which is targeted to their interest. This analytics is a powerful indicator of the effective working of targeted advertising. Yes, people do click over ads as they found it an easier way to reach different services they are looking for. PPC service provider helps to get optimized ads with potent keywords and updated techniques.
PPC costing could vary based on factors, like the industry or ad network. While ad budgets vary dramatically, on average, mid and small-size companies spend around $10,000 to $20,000 every month on PPC campaigns. PPC services in India are growing faster as internet users are increasing rapidly and digital awareness is spreading at its pace.
PPC management services are one of the cost-effective modes of advertising as the advertiser only has to pay when clicked and actually reached to potential customers. One may choose to spend as much money as per their budget. The target audience could be chosen based on location, language, and device.

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