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The way of improvising the website to make it user-friendly is known as “social media optimization”. And social media management consultants make it easier for the company to get noticed on the internet by the concerned user.

SMO is the bridge between the website and the social presence, Twitter, Facebook, linked-in, and Instagram accounts, make it visible on the internet and present methods to the audience to interact and engage with you.

you are forwarding your leads to your competitors

Not Using Your Social Media Marketing Potential To Its Extent?

There are 3 billion active social media users currently sitting on the internet. This indicates a lot of potential markets for businesses to grab the attention of the customer. Today in this digital era where people are on social media creates a great opportunity for brands to build their presence on the right digital platform with relatable content with the message to get tons of customers.
What separates us:-

Competitors analysis

Getting sales/leads

Google advertisements

Reaching to correct target audience

Connecting brand message with users

Opportunity & consultation analysis

Integrated Process For Maximum Impact Of SMO In Digital Marketing

Our team of experts could help the brands to turn social media into a game changer money-making machine. Managing social media is very critical, one wrong move could cost as much and brand image be at stake. We not only run a campaign but try to make the best+ optimum results for the business and create a successful strategy which crushes the competition. We follow 3 basic runs for business through SMO in digital marketing -


The fundamental step we think occurs in any innovation as it decides the way of the journey.


We try to be different from the competitors as we are the company of the future.


Delivering the project to the client in an impressive way that’s the reason behind the bond with the client.

Our Social Media Optimization Services

We have a dedicated social media optimization team which include but is not restricted to certain platforms:

Social Media Strategy And Audit

We evaluate the current performance of the social media pages to obtain strategies for improvement.

Various-Channel Integration

Reach your full potential with effective different-channel integration strategies to efficiently connect with visitors.

Content Promotion And Creation

eDrone helps to create a buzz on various social media platforms with crisp, interactive and relevant content.

Social Listening And Monitoring

We constantly have a watch over social conversations as per the interests so that you may discover more opportunities.

Reporting And Tracking

Our team would regularly track social media metrics, measure performance, and analyze the campaigns to get you complete reports.

Social Media Advertising

Drive instant traffic, affect the brand’s outreach, and generate more leads to increase the ROI with steady social media campaigns.

What Do We Bring On The Table For Your Business Through Social Media Marketing Services?

The whole world has been shifted to the mobile phone, eDrone understands that “brand must be shown where it is required or demanded by the audience”. The campaigns under Social Media Marketing services that are designed to differentiate user engagement across the platforms. With specialized and focused services, our experts bring the brand directly into interaction with the audiences to increase the followers which may transform into leads. Our team continues to create to sustain the position of the company.

Stand Out

We develop robust strategies for different social media platforms focusing on the precise business requirements and marketing objectives.

Creative Content

After creating strategies our team develops engaging, interactive, crisp, and enticing content to build a relationship with the customers.

Measure Performance

The flawing step includes tracking of campaign and analytics reports coming from SMO and SEO optimization to calculate the ROI.

Effective And Simple Technique

We infuse the brand’s identity into the social media strategies to make things simple and effective.

We Have A Specialized And Experienced Team Of SMO In Digital Marketing

eDrone has a team of creative and strategic social media marketing experts. We have a goal to partner with medium size businesses, start-ups, and brands which helps to grow in the digital world using SMO in digital marketing. Join hands with the best social media service providers to turn the occasional browser into a potential customer of the business! The team specialized in techniques and methods which make the best use of the variety of social media platforms that develop an extensively engaging community on the internet with unique and interactive content. At eDrone, our team stays, breathes, and lives on social media. This is why our experts deliver the techniques that help your company or brand stand alone. We consume the following to ensure the success of the brand on social media platforms:

Related Questions

Most frequent questions

Social media helps to gather customers and find out what people are thinking and saying about your business and the products or services you are delivering. Social media could be used for promotions, advertising, and mobile applications. If social media management is done professionally it helps to increase revenue with social commerce.
Social media marketing experts recommend posting one to two posts per day on Facebook. This helps to stay present in the minds of the audience, but not go far as to overwhelm the feeds. Posting daily would grow followers four times faster than posting once a week. Posting daily whether it is a reel, carousel, or a story to maximize visibility and engagement.
Normal social media posts will generate regular engagement between you and your online community. While ads could be categorized as awareness, conversions, and consideration. Neither of them has the same customization features. Social media optimization which includes Facebook ads give you more objectives to choose from to make sure the campaign gives the results you are looking for. While most only give engagements, messenger, and website traffic objectives.
Boosted or promoted post is a social media post which you pay to the platform to make it visible to more people. To boost any post or to promote it to a wider tangent for more audience. Boosted post in SMO in digital marketing is any promotion of any video or content to a particular community-driven notification-oriented website that is explicitly sponsored as an advertisement by a particular company to gain popularity.
For a small business, 8 to 9 % of its annual company revenue must be spent on social media. Depending upon the size of the company and competition in the industry it may vary from 12-18%. A marketing budget is always dependent on your revenue. A common thumb rule is that B2B companies must go around 2-5% of the revenue and B2C companies could move up to 5-10% of the revenue.

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