New ways We’re Tackling Spammy, low-quality Content on Search!

New ways We’re Tackling Spammy, low-quality Content on Search!

In the digital world, information reigns supreme, and Google has been our guide providing us with all the necessary content to improve knowledge about various things. The popular search engine swiftly browses through the labyrinth of the internet to find the most relevant and reliable answers to our queries for years. However, amidst the sea of data, there are spammers and creators of low-quality content, seeking to exploit the system to promote their content. 

Understanding this challenge, search engines like Google have upgraded their algorithms and policies regularly to maintain the integrity of search results and enhance user experience. Recently Google has revealed some system updates devised to combat spammy and low-quality content to improve their search results quality and offer informational content to users. SEO services and search engine optimization companies India must note these changes when posting content for content marketing in SEO.

Improved Quality Ranking and Updated spam policies 

Google has always been committed to promote the most helpful and original content and offer it to its readers. To reduce the occurrence of unhelpful and duplicate content, the search engine has constantly upgraded its ranking systems from 2022. By continuous observation of their user data and content over the years Google has now updated its system in March 2024.

By improving its core ranking system, Google aims to provide authentic and knowledgeable content, keeping away all the poorly written unoriginal content created only to rank high in search engines. For example sites created to rank high in particular search queries without providing useful information to its readers will now rank low so readers won’t see them as search results.  

As the presence of unoriginal content in search results reduces, users can rest assured that the information they see is authentic and valuable. As per Google, its collective effort and recent updates will reduce low-quality content in search results by 40%.

Revised Spam Policies

The March 2024 Google spam policy update addresses the malpractices of spammers who use low-quality content on popular searches and rank them high in search results.  

Google’s efforts to avoid appearance of low quality content on their search results using various spam policies and spam-fighting devices are still effective. However, as spammers keep evolving and upgrading their abusive practices, Google strives to stay ahead of their activities by updating its spam policies and thus targeting specific spams with the required action.

Google can block sites if they display low quality or misleading content deemed to be useless for readers.

Scaled content policy

Google policies disallow automated content generation to ensure authenticity in their search result information provided. Scaled content or same content produced in large quantities are usually automated. They are generated with the sole purpose of manipulating search rankings. Google avoids displaying such content on search results and sometimes eliminates it to minimize scaled content abuse.

Scaled content creators use sophisticated techniques to generate content that looks nearly original. The newly upgraded Google policies help identify such abusive behavior.

Site reputation abuse

High quality websites sometimes host low quality content provided by third parties in exchange for monetary benefits. Such content rank high on search engines and can mislead readers as they might be expecting to see some other content on the website.

Google policies can now detect low quality third party content posted on popular sites thus controlling site reputation abuse.

Expired domain abuse

Some content generators buy expired domains and reuse them to rank high on search engines using their domain names. However, they usually post low quality or unauthentic content on such sites that are useless for site visitors. They mislead users who think that the content is from the expired domain site. Google will now consider such expired domains displaying low quality content as spams

To Conclude

Google search engine has updated its spam policies to control spammers generating low quality content. Its new policies can help block low quality or unoriginal content that rank high on search engines but are useless for readers. Off page optimization in digital marketing and organic SEO services providers need to consider these changes in Google policies before producing content for their clients. 

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